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Following are the features of our digital library that make the environment safe, secure and secluded for not only the readers but for those also who want to showcase their contents for promotional purpose.

  1. Exclusive back panel for each exhibitor / promoter.
  2. User friendly interface for content management.
  3. Ample number of reports and data analysis tool for getting insight into the data.
  4. Full control over users of the digital library.
  5. Tight security features for exercising control over digital resources.
  6. Exploratory dashboard for information explosion.
  7. Multi-level association architect for joining our digital platform.
  8. Exclusive news for students and readers.
  9. While reading, Readers can create personal notes for future reference.
  10. User friendly system resource maintenance features.
  11. Noticeboard feature available for local information and news.
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