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About Us

Established in 1966, New Age International Publishers is the market leader in educational books and is now ranked among leading publishing houses bringing out professional and college level textbooks in Commerce & Management, Science & Technology and Medical Sciences. Our current list includes 1500+ titles mainly in STM, which has earned the trust of educators and students alike. Because of our commitment to accuracy, integrity, authenticity and excellence, our books spanning the post secondary learning spectrum from college to career making professional level have transformed NEW AGE into a brand name.

Now we are establishing chain of e Libraries all across the globe to make the books renowned writers and leading publishing houses available to the inquisitive masses through engineering colleges and leading universities.

This is the right time for all the educational institutions to take advantage of our efforts and take the lead in this technological revolution and stay ahead of others.

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"At [Digital Library Name], we envision a future where knowledge is universally accessible, fostering a global community of empowered learners, researchers, and enthusiasts. Our Digital Library is poised to be a dynamic and inclusive platform, revolutionizing the way information is discovered, shared, and utilized. In this vision, [Digital Library Name] strives to become the epitome of innovation in the digital realm, transcending traditional boundaries to curate a vast and diverse collection of digital resources. Our commitment is to bridge the gap between information and individuals, breaking down barriers to access and democratizing knowledge for people across the globe.


Our primary objective is to curate, preserve, and make accessible a comprehensive range of digital resources, including scholarly articles, multimedia content, rare manuscripts, and educational materials.



We aim to create an inclusive space where users can explore, engage, and contribute to a collective pool of human knowledge, transcending geographical, cultural, and economic boundaries.


In line with our mission, [Digital Library Name] is dedicated to fostering partnerships with educational institutions, research organizations, and content creators. Through these collaborations, we aim to enrich our collection, amplify our impact, and contribute to the advancement of global knowledge networks.


Our Driving Force

We are driven by a passion for learning, a commitment to accessibility, and a belief in the transformative power of knowledge. Our mission is to be more than just a repository; we aim to be a catalyst for positive change, inspiring individuals to explore new horizons, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to society.

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